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Setting the Tone: How Your Wedding Invitations and Music Create the Perfect First Impression

Updated: Apr 25

When planning a wedding, it's important to set the tone from the very beginning. Guests receive a sneak peek into your style and theme helping to build anticipation for the big event.  As the saying goes, "You only get one chance to make a first impression". Two elements that have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of your wedding are the invitations and music. These can create the perfect first impression for your guests.

Save the dates and wedding invitations are usually the first thing that your guests will see. Custom-designed stationery that incorporates your chosen wedding song lyrics and musical motifs visually introduces your theme and mood. Pairing complementary music into the stationery design ties both the auditory and visual elements together beautifully.  When details like invitations and music align aesthetically, you then create a multi-sensory experience. This makes for a wedding that is not only memorable but deeply personal.

Designs By Lorise - Calligraphy and Art can customize your entire personalized wedding stationery suite by sending Lorise your special wedding song along with any themes to get you started. Soon your guests will be eating, dancing, and enjoying the night away with music as a very important and not to be overlooked,  great accompaniment.  SoundBlessed offers professional DJ services that will perfectly complement your wedding's curated theme while keeping everyone in a festive mood.

Songs can easily carry you back to specific places and times and your wedding is no different. This also helps to reflect the magic of music.  For example, the beautiful song, "Songbird" by the popular group Fleetwood Mac, could show a pair of realistically rendered songbirds with a leafy heart, in your chosen color theme with musical notes surrounding them.  The possibilities are endless. When the same music you have picked is played months or even years after the save the dates and invites first arrived, it's a beautiful, memorable, and unique way to tie your special day with both visual and musical themes together. This is an extremely personalized way to help your guests remember your event long after it is over. So, take the time to plan and coordinate these elements carefully,  to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.  It's your event, make it as unique as the two of you!

LoriseDesigns By Lorise -Art and Calligraphy

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